Turn your complex technical know-how into understandable content for a wider audience

Your Focus

Work with a technical agency that will identify the problems you solve so your customers get what they really need.

Working together with you and your technical personnel, you create and share valuable, relevant and engaging content in order to help you retain and acquire customers.


Use the bulging ‘black book’ of editorial and media contacts, got with over 28 years’ experience dealing with the trade and technical press, to get your message to more customers.


You need to be where your customers are and they are increasingly to be found on Social Media. In Press can help you manage your way across all the relevant platforms.


The trade show still remains a popular form of marketing among B2B companies. In Press will help you make the most of your exhibition budget to help draw new people to your stand.


In Press works with you to generate relevant and quantifiable leads, mainly from managing PPC campaigns.


Consider us part of your team
We identify the problems you solve, and find your customers' real needs

You get a complete coordinated package: PR, design or internet marketing

Your technical, scientific or industrial products and processes are promoted with understanding and originality.

– All content is placed strategically for optimum results for you, because of our database of print media and web PR contacts, that is updated continuously.

Measurable results, constant accountability – clients profit from a true partnership supported by transparent project management.

  • Comprehensive
  • Creative
  • Connected
  • Cost Effective

Our Management Team

Eileen Holmes-Ievers
Eileen Holmes-Ievers
Managing Director
Chris Bose
Chris Bose
Lead Generation

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