January 11, 2018

New Leads For UK Manufacturer

Google Adwords Generates New Leads For UK Manufacturer

Net worth increased from £537,000 to £1.3 million in just three years.
Steve Sargeant, LCM Systems Ltd

LCM Systems are a successful load cell designer and manufacturer based on the Isle of Wight. Their success began in 2001 when Steve Sargeant took over the business; he managed to turn the ailing business around to a profitable organisation by a mixture of innovative products, keen prices and excellent customer service.

In 2009 the company was ready to expand its operations and move forward onto the next stage of its development. As the business grew, the demands on Steve’s time were becoming ever more demanding and managing the many aspects of the company left little time for Steve to move the business forward. For this reason he decided to ask for external support specifically with their marketing activity.

LCM’s current marketing activity comprised of directory advertising both online and in print, a website and limited Google AdWords. Steve understood the potential in gaining leads and sales from using Google AdWords, however being aware how often Google would ‘change the goalposts’ when it came to its AdWords, he decided to call in the ‘experts’.

Steve turned to us to assist in moving the business forward; Steve had worked with us in the past and had benefited from our expertise and results whilst in previous employment. We created a structured marketing promotions campaign to help Steve achieve his ambitious goals for the company which included taking a scientific and strategic approach to Google AdWords. We managed niche and targeted campaigns that used novel and innovative ‘tricks of the trade’ to convert clicks into enquiries.

At the same time, search engine optimisation (SEO) was implemented. The results showed the SEO derived traffic was slightly more than the AdWords derived traffic at first; however after about 18 months the ratio reversed – due mainly to competitors carrying out their own SEO and so making the natural search results much more competitive.

Because we kept up with developments as they occurred and reacted swiftly in the most effective way to changes in Adwords, we maximised the ROI for spend in the PPC market. Being proactive throughout, we suggested new channels to market and we also identified new target markets for their products.

In the first year LCM received an order from a company in Canada worth £30,000, for an Adwords spend of £276, who is now a regular client. Because of similar successes in lead generation LCM Systems has since gone on to increase its net worth from £537,000 in 2009 to £1.3million today.