January 11, 2018

Content Creation

In Press offers a service called PR+ that gives clients more than just a standard PR service that writes and places press releases and articles in relevant trade and technical journals and online.

PR+ is a service that helps technical companies make the most out of content that is generated about their products and services.

As well as having experience using a wide variety of marketing tools, In Press also has the technical expertise to be able to generate the content. By talking to internal engineers, customers and researchers, In Press can write compelling copy that can be used for content marketing covering a wide range of activities from article publication in relevant journals to White Papers downloadable from the website and Social Media activity such as Twitter alerts and LinkedIn posts.

The Results

 •      Lead generation

•       Build and maintain image

•       Build and maintain awareness

•       Product promotion

•       Promotion of company expertise

•       Drive traffic to website

•       Improve Google rankings