January 11, 2018

Launch your new product through a planned and structured media relations campaign

When measurement specialists, Mantracourt Electronics, wanted to launch its new intrinsically safe wireless telemetry system, the marketing team called on In Press’s media specialists to help get the word out to the global trade and technical journals, both in print and online, who would find information on this brand new product interesting for their readers.

Based on information the marketing team had compiled for other activities, In Press wrote and informative and engaging press release for the world’s press. Timed to coincide with the launch of the new website and availability of the product to Mantracourt’s network of agents and distributors, In Press distributed the release.

The Results

Overwhelming! Over the next couple of days, In Press and Mantracourt were inundated with editor requests for more information.

After only a week we had over 20 press cuttings from journals and website throughout the world covering market areas such as mining, control engineering, environmental and converting.