January 11, 2018

Get your corporate news out to the world

We come across a lot of clients who are unable to say anything about their customers or the work they are doing for them. We then have to be very creative to help get journal coverage.

However, sometimes we are actively encouraged to shout out about new contracts. A recent campaign saw In Press liaising with our client’s customer’s PR agency to ensure we had a coordinated approach. In the PR partnership, In Press had the trade and technical expertise, while the other agency knew the business and financial PR. A match made in Heaven !

The Results

Within a day we had obtained coverage across a huge sector of the press reaching a worldwide audience of over 500,000. There was a cross section of technical and financial press, all-important for In Press’s client and their customer.

And to top it all off, an email was sent round by the customer praising the amount of coverage and thanking both agencies!